I can't express the gratitude
I have for Jennifer. . .

Prior to hiring Essential Organizing, I was working 12-16 hour days, five to six days a week. I had little time for my family and my dreams were full of my work and what I had to remember to do the next day. A client would call and I would have to take the time to find or re-print their information because I couldn’t find it on my desk or in their file.

Today, three weeks later, I find I am still on task with the organizational tools Jennifer left me with. My office is still clean and I can see my desktop. I come into my office and know what needs to be done that day. I have set my hours and now only work those hours. I no longer have 63 items in my in box. I no longer have piles of paper and mail on my desk. And I no longer call my office the “black hole” because things don’t get lost anymore. Everything has its place… I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Jennifer. I thought I could only work when I was in chaos. I get so much more work one in less time I don’t have the same amount of stress. I actually have family time and me time. I am relieved.

Rebecca Hough, President-DesignWise Group, Scottsdale

I appreciate your enthusiasm, professionalism and cheering on
all our accomplishments. . .

I appreciate your enthusiasm, professionalism and cheering on all our accomplishments in the organizing process. I have been able to maintain my area with ease and it appears and feels more spacious and is a lot easier to work in. I gained new insights into organizing and creating a fun area that’s a pleasure to work in.

Mary, nurse, Gilbert


I have worked with other professional organizers over the past 5 years with mild to moderate results that unfortunately never provided me with a system to avoid the return of the dreaded stacks. The results would last 1-3 months before I found myself buried alive in paper once again.

I worked with Essential Organizing and WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. From the moment she walked in the door, I could tell she meant business. We accomplished more in 90 minutes than I was able to accomplish with others in days. The system she put in place is still SUCCESSFULLY in use today, after working with her several months ago. I am able to accomplish more tasks during the day and am making much more use of my time. I always know where I can find absolutely anything as the system is simple and easily implemented.

Jennifer also worked with my staff in implementing better organizational skills, filing systems and other time saving techniques which has increased productivity, resulting in a better bottom line. Ultimately this has created a happier workplace where we no longer see things falling between the cracks…

Dr. Haberl, Moutain View Chiropractic, Scottsdale

. . .the productivity increase and
lower stress level is incredible!

Jennifer's help has been invaluable to me already. She helped me get my office organized in a way that I've never come close to on my own. More importantly she helped me develop a system to keep it that way and the productivity increase and lower stress level is incredible!!!

Scott, PFG financial services, Phoenix

First off a huge THANK YOU
for creating a great working environment for our business.

First off a huge THANK YOU for creating a great working environment for our business.  It has made a tremendous difference in our day to day operations and productivity.  I thought I was organized but you are truly amazing!  The new office system you helped my implement  has been so efficient and time saving that I feel like I can actually take time now to relax and spend time with my family.  I don’t have “piles” of paperwork cluttering my desk or my mind!  I definitely feel that “free your space, free your mind” is a perfect reflection of the results you will get with Essential Organizing.  Jennifer you are wonderful to work with and truly gifted in organizing!!
Thanks for giving me my life back!

Karen Cooney, KDC Enterprises, LLC, Phoenix

I just feel less stressed
and more productive. . .

The system you created for me is working great! I have accomplished so much since our meeting. Since I have been doing the system you set up I have completed so many unfinished projects. My mind truly feels clearer and I just feel less stressed and more productive and that is actually the best feeling!

Katrina L, Financial Advisor, Scottsdale


Killer job, it looks great, you rock!

Joe Polish, president, Piranha Marketing, Tempe

I wouldn't be where I am at today, so thank you THANK YOU thank you!

I just want to thank you again for coming out…just you being here, making suggestions and walking me through the process was so helpful. I am consciously taking the time to put things where they belong and it has made such a difference. I came in this morning and my office was *gasp* CLEAN!

If it weren't for your motivation and advice, I never would have opened Saving Grace! You are such a positive influence and addition to my life and really have been a mentor for me over the past few months. Seriously, without you, I wouldn't be where I am at today, so thank you THANK YOU thank you!!

Amber Williams-Saving Grace Consulting, Phoenix

I think you have wonderful ideas. . .

I think you have wonderful ideas on how to better streamline our office…we have been using our new systems you put in place for us, and I must say they are working a lot better. I have nothing but hope that in a month from now with your help and us continuing to implement and use your system, our office will be nothing short of a well-oiled machine.
Staci B, Office Manager with Accounting Firm, Scottsdale


Wow, is all I can say right now,
I am so excited!

Wow, is all I can say right now, I am so excited!!  My life is going to change big-time soon, and I really think you are a big part of it.  I knew I liked you, and I knew there was a reason I God brought us together.  Thanks for all your help and your time.

Sarah C, Send Out Cards Rep, Phoenix


Now, everything relating to my business and personal life has a home instead of being crammed into junk drawers. . .

I am a real estate agent, housewife and mother of two children. Life as we knew it was slowly becoming more and more in disarray…Jennifer came to my home and literally got on the floor with me and some handy garbage bags. We got so much done in a relatively short amount of time. Now, everything relating to my business and personal life has a home instead of being crammed into junk drawers, mail slots, and way too full in-boxes. You would be surprised at how unproductive you become when things are out of place. Not only did Jennifer get down and dirty with me and my junk, she was so much fun to be around and totally non judgmental at my mess.

Olivia M., Realtor, Fountain Hills


…fabulous presentation,

….fabulous presentation, and GREAT JOB! 
You were enthusiastic, gave lots of good tips and ideas, and were VERY pleasant to work with! 

Kim Horn,President/Professional Bridal Consultant
Arizona Bridal Source Guide, Phoenix



I am diggin this "TODAY" folder like you wouldn't believe! The new system is working like a charm… I am not stressing every night laying in bed thinking "what did I forget to do yesterday?"... I love it!  A BIG THANK YOU!

Clayton J., AXA Advisors, Phoenix