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Destination Organization

NAPO-AZ does an annual project in honor of National Get Organized month, (GO month). I had the honor of heading up the event, and what an event it was! I can truly say the actual day was hands-down, the best day of my life. We, (myself and a fabulous team of 3 other professional organizers and one designer), rolled out a contest for a family that was most deserving of an organizing makeover, dubbed, Destination Organization. We raised just under $11,000, with generous contributions from Sam’s Club, Sun Valley Quilts and All Star Landscape and Design, just to name a few. We had the help of fantastic handymen and carpenters, over a dozen of the Valley’s best professional organizers and plenty of family and friends to make the event a total success. Check out the slideshow and photos to get a glimpse of the amazing transformation.

Destination Organization
| February 2007 |
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